“This great student work placement experiences challenged me yet gave me the opportunity to expose my accumulated college knowledge and taught me a complete set of new skills in the industry.”- 3rd year  BSc Computer  Science Software Engineering student

“During my work placement I worked on creating a system that would be used by the (confidential). This involved creating webpages, working with databases, and making sure that the people I was creating the system for were happy with it. I also had to write some documentation detailing and explaining my system.It helped improve my java and database skills; it also helped my understanding of some technologies used by most companies such as Git. I also improve on my documentation skills as I had to chance to write up my own documentation.” - 3rd year BSc Computer Science Software Engineering student

“(Confidential) internship programme was better than I would have hoped. They have very well-tailored intern’s programme. I’m coming back to finish my degree with completely new confidence”- 3rd year BSc multimedia mobile & web development

Pharma student feedback

"Having the opportunity to work with people at the top of their fields was truly an amazing experience and one that I will cherish for many years to come. The contacts and relationships that I have build up during my placement has given me the confidence to move on and achieve my full potential."- 3rd year  BSc Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry student

"Overall, I found my time at (confidential) truly rewarding. I have gained such valuable experience and learned so much that I can hopefully carry with me after I graduate and begin looking for employment within the industry. I now know that I enjoy working in the field, I have discovered my strengths and hope to work and improve on any weaknesses that may arise. (confidential) manufacture such life-changing technology and the way in which they do it and the way they are continuously improving is admirable and I can only hope that I have the opportunity to work in a place that manages to compare to the high standards that they have set out for me." - 3rd year BSc Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry student

School of business student feedback

"Partaking in the placement program was an excellent experience. It gave me a clear direction as to what aspect of finance I could see myself working towards in the future." - 3rd year Business Student

"The level of professional and personal development I have gained since joining the (confidential) Operations team is phenomenal. Boosting my confidence, teamwork, time management and communication skills are amongst the plethora of reasons why my internship has been so valuable, both professionally and personally." - 3rd year Business Student