Prof Sinéad McGilloway

Psychology, ALL Institute, Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI)

Director, Centre for Mental Health and Community Research

John Hume Building
(01) 708 6052


Professor Sinéad McGilloway is Founder Director of the Centre for Mental Health and Community Research (formerly the Mental Health and Social Research Unit), which is located in Maynooth University Department of Psychology and the MU Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI). The centre currently has 25 full and affiliate members from within and beyond the Department of Psychology and Prof McGilloway leads a large team of postgraduate students (mainly PhD students) and research staff.  She is a member of the MUSSI PI Forum and recently, she co-founded and co-leads the MU Interdisciplinary Childhood Outcome Network (ICON) which tendered successfully to be included in the Department of Children, Equality, Disability and Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) database of RPOs who will be invited to carry out research over the next five years.

Professor McGilloway is a research innovator/leader, educationalist, public health/community psychologist and mental health services researcher, with many years’ experience in undertaking applied health and social care research in the community, with a particular focus on mental health and well-being from the early years and beyond. She is a member of many national and international learned societies and organisations and she has led/is leading a number of large-scale cross-institutional and interdisciplinary engaged research programmes.

She has won significant research funding from a wide range of prestigious sources, including the Health Research Board, the Irish Research Council, the Health Service Executive and the National Institute of Health Research (UK). She has authored (and co-authored) almost 350 publications to date including: peer-reviewed papers; systematic reviews; books and volumes; book chapters; research, technical and policy reports/briefings; conference proceedings papers/publications; and a wide range of other scholarly publications aimed at diverse audiences. 


Year Publication
2012 Habib,J., Cox, G., McGilloway, S., O'Brien, M. and Bamber, J. (2012) Evaluating Complex Community Change Initiatives - Balancing science, politics and stakeholder dynamics: workshopping a ‘real world’ example from Ireland. Dublin: Centre for Effective Services.
2001 Taylor, B., McGilloway, S. and Donnelly, M. (2001) An evaluation of an initiative for young adults with disability in Northern Ireland. : Queen's University Belfast.
1996 McGilloway, S. and Donnelly, M. (1996) Don’t Look Away: Homelessness and Mental Health in Belfast. Belfast: Council for the Homeless for Northern Ireland.
1998 McGilloway, S. and Donnelly, M. (1998) On the way to work: an evaluation of ACCEPT. UK: European Horizon.
1994 Donnelly, M., McGilloway, S., Mays, N., Perry, S., Knapp, M., Kavanagh, S., Beecham, J., Fenyo, A. and Astin, J. (1994) Opening New Doors: An Evaluation of Community Care for People Discharged from Psychiatric and Mental Handicap Hospitals. : HMSO.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2007 Donnelly, M. and McGilloway, S. (2007) 'Mental Disorders' In: J.Yarnell(Eds.). Epidemiology and Prevention: a System-Based Approach. London : Oxford University Press.
2002 McGilloway, S., Scott, D. and Donnelly, M. (2002) 'Experience of psychiatric inpatient care: a teenage perspective' In: J. Campbell, R. Manktelow and J.Park(Eds.). The Challenge of Change: Aspects of Policy and Best Social Work Practice in the Fields of Mental Health and Learning Disability, Vol. 59. Belfast : Social Services Inspectorate.
2002 McGilloway, S. and Donnelly, M. (2002) 'Mentally Disordered Offenders: an inter-agency approach to assessment, referral and treatment' In: J. Campbell, R. Manktelow and J.Park(Eds.). The Challenge of Change: Aspects of Policy and Best Social Work Practice in the Fields of Mental Health and Learning Disability, Vol. 60. Belfast : Social Services Inspectorate.
2001 S.McGilloway and M. Donnelly (2001) 'Assessing and managing risk among mentally disordered offenders in Northern Ireland' In: D. Farrington, C.R. Hollin and M. McMurran(Eds.). Sex and Violence: the psychology of crime and risk assessment. London : Routledge.
1998 McGilloway, S., and Donnelly, M. (1998) ''Homing in' on mental health' In: R. Manketelow and J. Campbell(Eds.). Social Work Mental Health in Ireland. Belfast : Social Services Inspectorate.
1998 Donnelly, M and McGilloway, S. (1998) 'Quality improvement in mental health care' In: R. Manketelow and J. Campbell(Eds.). Social Work Mental Health in Ireland. Belfast : Social Services Inspectorate.
1997 McGilloway, S., Bayles, T. and Donnelly, M. (1997) 'Mental health education and promotion for staff working in hostels for the homeless' In: D.R. Trent & C.A. Reed(Eds.). Promotion of Mental Health: Volume 6, 1996. Aldershot : Ashgate Publishing.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2014 Hyland, L., Ní Mháille, G., McGilloway, S. & Lodge, A. (2014) 'Emotional and behavioural difficulties in young, school-going children in Ireland: prevalence and teacher response'. School Psychology International, 35 :516-529. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2014 Bracken-Scally, M., McGilloway, S., Gallagher, S. and Mitchell, J. (2014) 'Life after the emergency services: An exploratory study of well being and Quality of Life in emergency service retirees'. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 16 :44-51. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2013 Quirke, M.B., McGilloway, S., Comiskey, C.M., Wynne, C., OSullivan, K. and Hollywood, E. (2013) 'An exploratory study of bicycle helmet wearing in a sample of urban disadvantaged primary school children living in Ireland'. To be added, 106 . [Full-Text]
2013 Scott, D., McGilloway, S., Dempster, M. and Donnelly, M. (2013) 'How effective are Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion services for offenders with mental disorder? A systematic review of international evidence'. Psychiatric Services, 64 :843-849. [Full-Text]
2013 Cochrane, A., McGilloway, S., Furlong, M. and Donnelly, M. (2013) 'The role and contribution of philanthropy to the lives of older people in Ireland'. To be added, 2 :13-23. [Full-Text]
2012 Carthy, A., McCann, C and McGilloway, S. (2012) 'A qualitative study of Irish First Year undergraduate students reasons for non-engagement with the provision of emotional competency coaching'. ALL IRELAND JOURNAL OF TEACHING AND LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION, 4 :75-83. [Full-Text]
2012 McGilloway, S., Ni Mhaille, G., Bywater, T., Leckey, Y., Kelly, P., Furlong, M., Comiskey, C. and Donnelly, M. (2012) 'A Parenting Intervention for Childhood Behavioral Problems: A Randomised Controlled Trial in Disadvantaged Community-based Settings'. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 80 :116-127. [DOI] [Full-Text]
2011 Cotter, P. and McGilloway, S. (2011) 'Living in an electronic age: Cyberbullying in a sample of Irish adolescents'. To be added, 39 :44-56. [Full-Text]
2011 Bracken, M., McLoughlin, K., McGilloway, S and McMahon, E. (2011) 'The use of dependency and prioritisation tools by Clinical Nurse Specialists working in Specialist Palliative Care: An exploratory study'. 17 :599-606. [Full-Text]
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1999 McGilloway, S. and Donnelly, M. (1999) 'Patterns of service use among people with learning disabilities discharged from long-stay hospital care in Northern Ireland'. IRISH JOURNAL OF PYSCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE, 16 :109-113. [Full-Text]
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Other Journal

Year Publication
2008 Gannon, S. and McGilloway, S. (2008) 'Taking steps toward inclusion: assessing the attitudes of schoolchildren toward their peers with Down Syndrome' Frontline of Learning Disability, 71 :12-14.
2007 Gallagher, S. and McGilloway, S. (2007) 'Under Pressure: The personal experiences of Critical Incident Stress amongst ambulance workers' Ambulance, :47-53.
2006 Scanlon, G. and McGilloway, S. (2006) 'Managing children with special needs in the Irish education system: a professional perspective' Frontline, . [Full-Text]
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2006 Kenny, K. and McGilloway, S. (2006) 'Caregiver strain and coping in parents of children with intellectual disabilities in Dublin' Frontline of Learning Disability, :42-46.
2005 Kelleher, C. and McGilloway, S. (2005) 'Work-related stress among flight attendants' Flight Safety Foundation (Cabin Crew Safety), 40 . [Full-Text]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2009 Dr Dan Casey (2009) Critical Incident Stress Management for Emergency Services Personnel University of Minnesota, Science and Engineering, Psychology, .
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