Peter Conlon


Commercialisation Executive

John Hume Building
3rd Floor
(01) 708 6654


Peter joined the office in 2013 as a MaynoothWorks Executive focusing on the broad area of of information and communications technologies working from invention disclosure through to spin-off or licence on all projects. Peter is responsible for industry collaborations and contracts is his field and for the development and negotiation of licensing opportunities with industry. He plays a key part in fostering the development of high-tech spin-out companies from the University by supporting business plan and product roadmap development, by advising on how licensed University intellectual property can have maximum strategic impact and by supporting companies through their various funding rounds. Peter also provides technology transfer supports to our consortium partner IT Carlow, Peter previously worked as Technology Transfer Project Manager with the Office of the Vice President of Innovation at University College Dublin. Prior to UCD Peter worked in various product development and management roles with Agilent Technologies. Before its acquisition by Agilent Technologies he worked for MV Technology a successful Irish start-up company.Peter graduated with BEng in Electronic Systems from University of Ulster and is a professional chartered engineer (CEng).