Prof Maurice Devlin

Applied Social Studies, ALL Institute

Gaeilge agus fáilte

Jean Monnet Chair

Auxilia, North Campus, Maynooth University
(01) 708 3781


Maurice Devlin is Professor of Applied Social Studies at Maynooth University, where he also holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Youth Studies. Originally from County Derry, he is a graduate of the University of Hull (BA in Drama and English), University College Dublin (MA in English, MSocSc in Sociology),  Maynooth University (PhD in Sociology) and Trinity College Dublin (MSc in IT in Education). He was founding Joint Chair of the North South Education and Training Standards Committee (NSETS), the all-Ireland body for the professional endorsement of youth work training. He is the Irish correspondent for the European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy (EKCYP) and from 2010-2018 was Vice President for Europe (including the Russian Federation) of the International Sociological Association's Research Committee on Youth (RC34).


Year Publication
2010 Devlin, M. and Tierney, H. (2010) Standpoints: Attitudes of Young People and Youth Workers to Development and Global Justice Issues. : National Youth Council of Ireland. [Full-Text]
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2006 Devlin, M. (2006) Inequality and the Stereotyping of Young People. : Equality Authority. [Full-Text]

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2013 Devlin, M. (2013) 'Working with Young People: Discourse, Policy and Practice' In: Lalor, K. and Share, P(Eds.). Applied Social Care: An Introduction for Students in Ireland (3rd edition). Dublin : Gill & Macmillan.
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Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2010 Devlin, Maurice (2010) 'Young People, Youth Work and Youth Policy: European Developments'. YOUTH STUDIES IRELAND, 5 :66-82. [Full-Text]
2009 Devlin, M. and Gunning, A. (2009) 'The Benefits of Youth Work: Young People's and Youth Workers' Perspectives'. YOUTH STUDIES IRELAND, 4 :40-55. [Full-Text]
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2005 Devlin, M. (2005) ''Teenage Traumas': The Discursive Construction of Young People as a 'Problem' in an Irish Radio Documentary'. YOUNG: NORDIC JOURNAL OF YOUTH RESEARCH, 13 :167-184. [Full-Text]
2003 Devlin, M. (2003) ''A Bit of the Other': Media Representations of Young People's Sexuality'. Irish Journal of Sociology, 12 :86-106. [Full-Text]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2011 Devlin, M. and Jenkins, D. (2011) ''Far fetched but worth the carriage': the fuzzy logic of the transnational curriculum project' NALDIC Quarterly, 9 .
2010 Devlin, M. (2010) 'Youth Drama: The Youth Work Act?' Youth Drama Ireland, 12 :12-15. [Full-Text]
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2000 Devlin, M. (2000) 'Art and the Extraordinary: the Place of the Arts in Training for Youth and Community Work' In2 (Journal of the National Youth Arts Programme), 2 .
2000 Devlin, M. (2000) 'The Education (Welfare) Bill 1999' Irish Youthwork Scene, 27 . [Full-Text]
2000 M. Devlin and H. Tierney (2000) 'Youthcert: Promoting Certification and Accreditation of Community-based Youth Work Training' Irish Youthwork Scene, 29 . [Full-Text]
1999 Devlin, M. (1999) 'Youth Work: Changes and Challenges' Irish Youthwork Scene, . [Full-Text]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2009 (2009) Children, Young People and Social Practices Chairperson, thematic session at the Annual Conference of the Sociological Association of Ireland Waterford Institute of Technology, .
2009 (2009) The History of Youth Work: An Irish Perspective Invited paper, 2nd Workshop on the History of Youth Work in Europe Blankenberge, Belgium, .
2009 (2009) Where are Irish teenagers at? Keynote address, Annual Conference of the National Youth Council of Ireland Emmaus Centre, Swords, County Dublin, .
2009 (2009) From Inside Out to What's the Story? Chairperson, seminar on Arts and Youth Work, Fatima: A Cultural Archaeology exhibition National College of Art and Design, Dublin, .
2009 (2009) The Purpose and Outcomes of Youth Work Keynote address, Thinking Seriouosly about the Future of the Youth Service conference Belfast Castle, .
2009 (2009) Youth, Inequality and Stereotyping in Ireland Invited presentation to Department of Social Welfare, University of Ghent Ghent, Belgium, .
2009 (2009) Asking the Right Questions Keynote address at launch of Essential Guidelines for Good Youth Work Practice by CDYSB Department of Education and Science, Dublin, .
2009 (2009) Contemporary Images of Youth Presentation to postgraduate seminar, School of History and Anthropology, Queens University Belfast, .
2001 (2001) National Youth Council of Ireland Seminar Dublin, 05/01/2001-05/12/2001.
2001 Anna Gunning (2001) Annual General Meeting of the National Youth Federation Clontarf Castle, Dublin, 06/01/2001-06/09/2001.
2001 David Treacy (2001) Meeting of Directors of Regional Youth Services, National Youth Federation Dublin, 11/01/2001-.

Technical Publication

Year Publication
2000 Devlin, M. (2000) Social Exclusion: New Terms, New Issues. TP
1999 Devlin, M. and Hunt, N. (1999) The Changing Face of Youth Work. TP
1999 Devlin, M. (1999) The Education (Welfare) Bill 1999. TP
1998 Devlin, M. (1998) Developing a Strategy for Rural-Based Youth Work in County Wexford. TP
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