Dr Keith Young


Assistant Professor


Dr Keith Young is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education. Keith joined the Department in August 2022. He has been involved in teacher education since 2011 having previously worked as a lecturer and tutor in the University of Limerick and most recently as a lecturer in Hibernia College before joining the team at Maynooth University.

Keith earned both his B.Tech. (Ed) in Materials and Engineering Technology and PhD from the University of Limerick and has recently completed a MSc in Software Design with Artificial Intelligence from the Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest.

His PhD research was focused on measuring post-primary teachers’ knowledge and understanding of autism spectrum disorders and identifying the underlying factors which influence this and their overall attitudes towards inclusion. This, in part, led to the development of his interest in the digital education sphere, due to the advancements in educational technologies and the potential these had to benefit all learners.

Keith’s research interests include teacher education, teacher professional knowledge, educational technology, digital literacy, inclusive education and in particular the ethical use of artificial intelligence/machine learning techniques in the development of tools to enhance student learning and teacher practice.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2022 Hunt, I.; Power, J.; Young, K.; Ryan A. (2022) 'Optimising industry learners' online experiences - lessons for a post-pandemic world'. European Journal of Engineering Education, . [DOI] [Full-Text]
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Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2023 Young, K. (2023) eLearning Consortium of Colorado (eLCC) Conference 2023 Exploring the use of AI chatbots in Teaching, Learning and Assessment Westminster, CO, .
2023 Young, K.; Doganca Kucuk, Z.; Dempsey, M.; Delahunty, T. (2023) Educational Studies Association in Ireland (ESAI) Conference 2023 Exploring the Impact of the Digital Leaders' Placement Programme on Pre-service Teachers' Practice and Identity Belfast, North Ireland, .
2023 Doganca Kucuk, Z.; Young, K.; Dempsey, M.; Delahunty, T. (2023) ECER 2023- Conference by European Educational Research Association The Impact of a Digital-Literacy Based Placement Programme on Student Teachers’ Teaching Experience and Practices Glasgow, UK, 22/08/2023-25/08/2023.

Conference Publication

Year Publication
2022 Henefer, J., Young, K., Benson, J., & O’Keefe, I. (2022) Educational Studies Association of Ireland Conference 2022 Facilitating Collaborative Teaching and Learning: An Exploration of the Introduction and Use of the Moxtra Cohort App
2016 Young, K., Mannix-McNamara, P. & Coughlan, B. (2016) European Conference on Educational Research 2016 An Exploration of Irish Post-Primary Teachers’ Misconceptions of Autism Spectrum Disorders – Preliminary Findings and Analysis
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Year Publication
2024 Young, K. (2024) The Impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on Teaching, Learning, and Assessment: Some of the challenges and opportunities. [Article] [Link]

Published Report

Year Publication
2016 (2016) A Snapshot of Non-Accredited Continuing Professional Development for those who Teach in Irish Higher Education. . [DOI]
2014 Keith Young; (2014) Evaluation of the Impact of the Post Primary Substance Use Education Support Programme - Let's Learn About Drugs & Alcohol Together. . [DOI]

Electronic Publication

Year Publication
2023 Power, J.; Radl, A.; Chatzi, A.; Tanner, D.; Hulthen, E.; Carlsson, J.; Young, K; O'Connor, S. (2023) Transforming Your Teaching: An E-guide to Support Educators in Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes. [Electronic Publication] [Link]
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