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Dr. Edana Richardson joined the faculty at Maynooth in 2017. She is an Associate Professor in Law having previously worked as a solicitor in the London and Abu Dhabi offices of an international law firm. Dr. Richardson lectures in Islamic Finance Law (LW695), Company Law (LW263), Capital Markets Law (LW611) and Moot Court (LW266) at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has also co-designed and delivered an optional Advanced Legal Research and Writing course that is designed to build students’ confidence in their legal research and writing. Dr Richardson developed Professional Certificate in the Foundations of Irish Law (LW619), a professional skills course in 2020, and an online Law & Society course designed to open higher education to a broad cohort of students in 2021.  

She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where she completed her undergraduate law degree (2006) and PhD (2011) and the University of Cambridge, where she completed her master’s law degree (2006). Dr. Richardson’s research interests include Islamic finance, capital markets law, sustainability and sustainable finance, and legal education and she has published in journals and edited collections both nationally in Ireland and internationally.    

Dr. Richardson has authored the book, A Guide to Mooting in Ireland (2019) and co-authored the book Legal Research and Writing Skills in Ireland (2021). 

Research Interests

Dr. Richardson’s research interests include Islamic finance, capital markets law, sustainability and sustainable/responsible finance and legal education.

Research Projects

Title Role Description Start date End date Amount
Artificial Intelligence and the Circular Economy Co-PI (Project Lead: Peter Mooney) Investigating the use of AI to enable Ireland to optimise sustainable processes and increase circular economy management opportunities. 01/05/2022 142512
Developing Open Access Courses in “Global Migrant Literature and Culture” and “Law and Society in Ireland”: A Pilot Project to Enhance Equal Participation and Inclusivity in the Virtual Learning Environment Co-PI This project aims to develop short, open-access online academic courses to enhance equal participation and inclusivity in the virtual learning environment at Maynooth University (MU) as part of the EDI policy to “take positive action in education to address widening participation and under-representation”. Two courses will be developed: “Global Migrant Literature and Culture”; and “Law and Society in Ireland”. 12/07/2021 31/12/2021 1956
Understanding refugees’ access to financial services in Ireland PI This research will address an existing knowledge gap with respect to refugees’ access to financial services. With the findings from this research, I aim to make a significant new contribution that will resonate with both public policy and private sector practice. Ultimately, I aim to contribute to the research of leading European networks, including the European Commission’s Partnership on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees (a partnership that produces reports on integration and is composed of member states, European agencies and academics). 01/02/2021 01/02/2023
Social and Sustainability Bonds – Funding a more sustainable future for healthcare? Co-PI This project will critically appraise the suitability of social and sustainability bonds as a mechanism for funding healthcare projects, assessing how such instruments could facilitate the fulfilment by states of their right to health obligations. Using Covid-19 as a case study, the project will use a combination of desk-based research and empirical analysis of bond prospectuses to assess the extent to which social and sustainability bonds are used to address health challenges and inequalities for Covid-19. It will explore the scope for these instruments to be used by governments, development organisations and corporates to evidence their commitment to tackling healthcare and other social issues, and the potential ethical issues arising from the use of such financial tools within the health context. 31/12/2022 2984
Online foundational learning: Innovation and Accessibility Lead-PI This project will explore how to develop an online, self-directed foundational module for postgraduate students in the Department of Law. SPUR students will research accessibility considerations, including Universal Design for Learning principles to ensure that any module is accessible and useful for a broad cohort of students. 15/06/2020 15/08/2020 3000
Online foundational learning: Creating an innovative online module for postgraduate law students Lead-PI This project will investigate how to design a self-directed module for incoming masters students to provide foundational legal knowledge. 01/01/2020 31/12/2020 3000


Year Publication
2021 Edana Richardson and Ollie Bartlett (2021) Legal Research and Writing Skills in Ireland. Dublin: Clarus Press.
2019 Edana Richardson (2019) A Guide to Mooting in Ireland. Ireland: Clarus Press.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2021 Edana Richardson (2021) 'Responsible Finance Sukuk' In: Global Islamic Finance Report 2020-2021. London : Cambridge IFA.
2020 Craig Nethercott, David Eisenberg and Edana Richardson (2020) 'Guide to Further Reading' In: Islamic Finance: Law and Practice. Oxford : Oxford University Press.
2020 Edana Richardson, Atif Hanif, Julian Johansen (2020) 'Sukuk' In: Islamic Finance: Law and Practice. United Kingdom : Oxford University Press.
2013 Edana Richardson and Atif Hanif (2013) 'Sharia-Compliant Microfinance' In: Microfinance: A Practitioner's Handbook. London : Globe Law and Business.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2021 Edana Richardson (2021) 'Financing Pandemic Response and Recovery with Social and Sustainability Sukuk'. Journal of International Banking Law & Regulation, 36 (6).
2021 Edana Richardson (2021) 'Standardising Responsible Islamic Finance: A Review of Green, Social and Sustainability Sukuk'. Kuwait International Law School Journal, 8 .
2021 Edana Richardson (2021) 'The UAE and responsible finance – can responsible finance ṣukūk help the UAE in fulfilling its sustainability ambitions?'. Arab Law Quarterly, .
2020 Edana Richardson and Simon O’Neill (2020) 'Islamic mortgage-alternatives in Ireland: a comparative reflection on a decade of consumer appetite in the face of legislative uncertainty'. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer, (4):275-295. [Full-Text]
2019 Edana Richardson (2019) 'Responsible finance sukuk—can they bring societal value to a value-neutral market?'. Capital Markets Law Journal, 14 (3):394-428. https://doi.org/10.1093/cmlj/kmz011 [Full-Text]
2017 Edana Richardson (2017) 'Islamic Finance Disputes in Ireland: A comparative study of dispute resolution in Islamic finance contracts'. Irish Jurist, 57 :35-60.
2011 Edana Richardson (2011) 'Islamic Finance for Consumers in Ireland: A Comparative Study of the Position of Retail-level Islamic Finance in Ireland'. Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 31 (4):534-553. [Full-Text]
2011 Edana Richardson (2011) 'The Accommodation of Islamic Finance in Ireland’s financial legislation: A Comparative Study of Wholesale Islamic Financial Products'. Dublin University Law Journal, :127-154. [Full-Text]

Other Journal

Year Publication
2021 Edana Richardson (2021) 'An Introduction to Islamic Finance' Law Magazine, . [Link]
2008 Edana Richardson (2008) 'The Shari'ah Prohibition of Interest' International Journal of Obesity, 11 :78-101.

Electronic Article

Year Publication
2020 Edana Richardson (2020) Sustainability and Islamic Finance in the United Arab Emirates. [Electronic Article] [Link]
2020 Edana Richardson and Aisling McMahon (2020) Financing the Covid-19 Health Response: Resource Allocation, Accountability & Social Bonds. [Electronic Article] [Link]
2020 Edana Richardson and Aisling McMahon (2020) Are social bonds an option for Ireland's coronavirus recovery?. [Electronic Article] [Link]
2019 Edana Richardson (2019) Responsible Finance Sukuk—Combining Financial Returns with Societal Value. Oxford: [Electronic Article] [Link]
2019 Edana Richardson (2019) What is Islamic finance - and what has Ireland done about it?. [Electronic Article] [Link]

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2021 Edana Richardson and Cliodhna Murphy (2021) IALT Conference 2021 Teaching Company Law through Practice Cork, .
2021 Aisling McMahon and Edana Richardson (2021) SLS Annual Conference 2021 Patents, Corporate Decision-Making and Shareholders: A Pathway to Encourage Socially Responsible Patent Use in Healthcare University of Durham, .
2021 Edana Richardson (2021) Conference organised by SCIEF-Casa Arabe Observatory of Islamic Finance in Spain Retail Islamic Finance in Ireland: Obstacles and Opportunities Online, .
2021 Edana Richardson (2021) Launch of GIFR 2020-2021 Responsible Finance Sukuk Online, .
2021 Edana Richardson and Aisling McMahon (2021) SASE Conference 2021 The Use of Social and Sustainability Bonds in the context of Covid-19 Funding a more sustainable future for healthcare? Online, .
2020 Edana Richardson (2020) SASE Annual Conference Islamic Finance in the context of Covid-19 Online, .
2020 Edana Richardson (2020) KILAW 2020 Standardising Responsible Islamic Finance A Review of Green, Social and Sustainability Sukuk Online, .
2019 Edana Richardson (2019) DCIEF & BIES Conference 2019 - Islamic Finance: New Frontiers in Economic Development Responsible Finance Sukuk in the UAE – catching up? University of Durham, .
2018 Edana Richardson (2018) 30th SASE Annual Conference A review of the responsible finance sukuk Doshisha University, Japan, .
2017 Edana Richardson (2017) Minority Religions under Irish Law Symposium A Comparative Review of the Accommodation of Islamic Finance in Irish Law University of Limerick, .
2015 Edana Richardson (2015) Islamic Finance and Law Conference 2015 Islamic Finance Disputes in Ireland University College Dublin, .
2012 Edana Richardson (2012) Islam in Ireland: past, present, and future Islamic Finance in Ireland University College Cork, .
2010 Edana Richardson (2010) History of Islam in Ireland Seminar Series Islamic Finance: Why Ireland Should Pay Attention University College Cork, .
2010 Edana Richardson (2010) XXth IAHR World Congress Islam and Ireland's Constitution University of Toronto, Canada, .
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Teaching Interests

Dr Richardson teaches Islamic finance law, company law and mooting at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.