Earl Storey is responsible for delivery of Protestantism: A Journey in Self-Belief. This is a project of the Centre for Studies in Irish Protestantism, Maynooth University (www.journeyinselfbelief.org).

Ordained as a Church of Ireland clergyperson in 1982 Earl Storey has served in both jurisdictions in Ireland. In 2008 he founded Topstorey Communications (www.topstorey.org). He has worked with organizations as diverse as the GAA, Orange Order, development agencies, Churches, businesses and individuals. He also has international experience, including Rwanda and Nigeria.

He was Director of the Church of Ireland Hard Gospel Project (2005-08). This was established to address sectarianism and living with difference. It has been described as one of the most substantial denominational church initiatives of its kind to have taken place in Ireland. 

In 2003 he published Traditional Roots: Towards An Appropriate Relationship between the Church of Ireland and the Orange Order (Columba Press). This was included in the Irish section of the 2003 World Book Day. He is author of a number of publications including a recently launched Report on behalf of the Community Relations Council entitled Beyond the Pale: Church and the Decade of Historic Commemorations.
Originally a graduate in Law he also holds as a Professional Diploma in Theology (TCD) and an MPhil in Peace Studies (TCD). He was an Honorary Fellow of INCORE (1995-1998), a school of the University of Ulster and the United Nations University.