Dr Debangana Bose


I am a critical urban geographer interested in new frontiers of placemaking in the city, emerging subjectivities and politics of urban residents, and their differential governance. My research draws from and contributes to global urbanism, postcolonial urban theory and praxis, subaltern peripheral urbanization, and feminist urbanism. I graduated with a Ph.D. in summer 2019 from the Department of Geography at the Ohio State University and joined Maynooth University in November 2019 as a lecturer. Drawing from thirteen months of intensive ethnographic research in and around Delhi, funded by the National Science Foundation, my Ph.D. research examines new frontiers of placemaking driven by displaced urban residents operating through an informal property market. 
I teach Urban Geography (GY222), Urban Planning and Property Development (GY342), Geography Field Trip (GY206), and Geography Research Workshops (GY310B).


  Journal Role
Space And Polity Member of the Editorial Board
Gender, Place & Culture Reviewer
Human Geography Reviewer