Dr Ainhoa Gonzalez de Campo

National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis. NIRSA, Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI)

Iontas Building
2nd Floor
Room 2.12
(+353 1) 708 6688


Ainhoa González graduated with a first class honours degree in Agricultural Engineering from Pamplona University in 1997, a first class honours Masters in Environmental Resource Management from University College Dublin in 2001, and a PhD in Environmental Planning from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2008. She has complemented her studies with a Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment Management from University College Dublin in 2000, and a Higher Diploma in Environmental Engineering from Trinity College Dublin in 2004. In 2009 she took a research officer position at Trinity College Dublin, and led a work package on a European FP-7 funded project BRIDGE that developed a pragmatic GIS-based decision-support system for assessing the sustainability of urban planning alternatives. In 2012 she became a part-time teaching assistant at Trinity College Dublin, where she coordinates a number of MSc course modules, and a part-time researcher at NIRSA where she has contributed to European and national research projects. She is a board member of the International Association for Impact Assessment’s UK-Ireland branch, and the regional delegate of the Spanish Association for Impact Assessment. She is also a member of the international editorial review board of the Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management (JEAPM) and the International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC).

Research Interests

Ainhoa’s research focuses on the contribution of spatial data and GIS to environmental planning and sustainable development. This includes the development of pragmatic methodologies in support of sustainable development, and geographically-explicit indicators to assist assessment and monitoring processes associated with land-use planning and decision-making. The focal point of her research has been physical geography and, in particular, spatial examination of environmental aspects. However, environmental policy implementation and public participation are of significant interest to her. Her research has always strived to bring science and practice together through the development of practical methods and research findings that can be used and applied by practitioners.

Recent Publications

  • González A, Daly G, Adams N, Pinch P, Valtenbergs V, Burns MC and Johannesson H (In Press). Indicators for Spatial Planning: Stakeholder-Driven Selection Approach for Improving Usability. REGIONAL STUDIES.
  • Valtenbergs V, González A and Piziks R (2013).  Selecting indicators for sustainable development of small towns: The case of Valmiera municipality. PROCEDIA COMPUTER SCIENCE, 26: 21-32.
  • Mitraka Z, Diamantakis E, Chrysoulakis N, Castro EA, San Jose R, González A and Blecic I (In Press).  Prototyping a Spatial Decision Support System Accounting for the Exploitation of Bio-physical Sciences in Urban Planning. SUSTAINABILITY.
  • González A, Keneghan D, Fry J and Hochstrasser T (2013).  Current Practice in Biodiversity Impact Assessment and Prospects for Developing an Integrated Process.  IMPACT ASSESSMENT AND PROJECT APPRAISAL. DOI:10.1080/14615517.2013.850839.
  • González A, Hochstrasser T, Fry J, Scott P, Grist B and Jones M (2013).  Evaluating Ireland's IBIA as an Approach to Improving the Quality and Effectiveness of Biodiversity Impact Assessment.  JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 131:150-160.
  • Daly G and González A (2013). Key Indicators for Territorial Cohesion and Spatial Planning: The Reform of the EU Cohesion Policy and the New Role of Spatial Indicators. BORDERLANDS: THE JOURNAL OF SPATIAL PLANNING IN IRELAND, 3: 77-89.
  • González A, Donnelly A, Jones M, Chrysoulakis N and Lopes M (2013).  A Decision-Support System for Sustainable Urban Metabolism in Europe. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REVIEW,  38: 109-119.
  • Chrysoulakis N, Lopes M, San José R, Grimmond CSB, Jones MB , Magliulo V, Klostermann JE, Synnefa A, Mitraka Z, Castro EA, González A, Vogt R, Vesala T, Spano D, Pigeon G, Freer-Smith P,  Staszewski T, Hodges N, Mills G  and Cartalis C (2013).  Sustainable urban metabolism as a link between bio-physical sciences and urban planning: The BRIDGE project. LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING, 112: 100-117.
  • González A (2012). GIS in Environmental Assessment: A Review of Current Issues and Future Needs. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT POLICY AND MANAGEMENT, 14:1-23.
  • González A, Donnelly A, Jones M, Klostermann J, Groot A and Breil M (2011). Community of Practice Approach to Developing Urban Sustainability Indicators. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT POLICY AND MANAGEMENT, 13(4) 591-617.
  • González A, Gilmer A, Foley R, Sweeney J and Fry J (2011). Applying Geographic Information Systems to Support Strategic Environmental Assessment: Opportunities and Limitations in the context of Irish Land-use Plans. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REVIEW, 31(3) 368-381.
  • González A and Gazzola P (2011). The ICT-based Public Organizations. In: M Sarlak (ed) THE NEW FACES OF ORGANIZATIONS IN THE 21ST CENTURY, pp 56-89. NAISIT Publishers: Canada. ISBN 978-0-9865335-0-1.
  • González A, Gilmer A, Foley R, Sweeney J and Fry J(2008). Technology-aided Participative Methods in Environmental Assessment: An International Perspective. COMPUTERS, ENVIRONMENT AND URBAN SYSTEMS Computers (CEUS), 32: 303-316.
  • González A, Gilmer A, Foley R, Sweeney J and Fry J (2008). Developing and Applying a Participative Web-based GIS for Integration of Public Perceptions into Strategic Environmental Assessment.  In: N Mount, G Harvey, P Aplin and G Priestnall (eds) INNOVATIONS IN GIS 13: REPRESENTING, MODELLING AND VISUALISING THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT,  pp. 117-133. CRC Press: Florida.

Principal Commissioned Reports:

  • González A (2014). SEA Spatial Information Sources. Ireland: Environmental Protection Agency. URL: http://www.epa.ie/pubs/advice/ea/seaspatialinfomationsourcesmarch2014.html#.VDKCVk0cTIU
  • Gonzalez A, Therivel R, Fry J and Foley W (2014). Developing and Assessing Alternatives in Strategic Environmental Assessment - Good Practice Guidance.  Ireland: Environmental Protection Agency.
  • González A (2013). Integrated Biodiversity Impact Assessment: Streamlining AA, SEA and EIA – Practitioner’s Manual. Ireland: Environmental Protection Agency.
  • González A, Daly G, Adams N, Pinch P, Valtenbergs V, Līviņa A, Burns M and Johannesson H (2012). Key Indicators for Territorial Cohesion and Spatial Planning – Interim Report. ESPON Targeted Analysis. URL: http://www.espon.eu/export/sites/default/Documents/Projects/TargetedAnalyses/KITCASP/Interim_Report/KITCASP_InterimReport_Final_31-10-2012.pdf
  • González A (2009). GISEA Manual: Current Practice and Potential on the Application of Geographic Information Systems as a Support Tool in Strategic Environmental Assessment of Irish Land Use Plans. Ireland: Environmental Protection Agency. URL: http://www.epa.ie/downloads/consultation/name,25835,en.html
  • Olabe A and González A (2006). Best Practice Manual on Strategic Environmental Assessment in the European Union. IHOBE Sociedad Pública de Gestión Ambiental, Basque Government. URL: http://www.ihobe.net/Publicaciones/Ficha.aspx?IdMenu=750e07f4-11a4-40da-840c-0590b91bc032&Cod=DE7E773C-1AE3-4D23-BFBB-B66987765530

Research Grants

  • November 2013 Euro 134,000 from the Environmental Protection Agency, under the STRIVE programme, for Environmental Sensitivity Mapping.
  • August 2013 Euro 40,000 from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland for undertaken a review on Wind Energy Strategies on the Island of Ireland: Towards a Shared Policy Framework.

Recent Talks

  • Developing an Environmental Sensitivity Mapping WebTool for Ireland.  Irish Organisation for Geographic Information IRLOGI 2014, Dublin, October 2014.
  • Environmental Sensitivity Mapping: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Irish Practice on SEA Alternatives.  International Association for Impact Assessment, Conference IAIA 2013; Impact Assessment for Social and Economic Development. Viña del Mar, Chile, April 2014.
  • Renewable Energy Development. Planning Reform on the Island of Ireland: from Policy to PRACTICE. International Centre for Local and regional Development and Cooperation Ireland. Newry, May 2013.
  • EAE de Planes y Programas: Lecciones tras una Década de la Directiva. Spanish Association for Environmental Impact Assessment, VII Conference. Oviedo, Spain, March 2013.
  • Indicators for Integrated Spatial Development. KITCASP Project Final Seminar – Key Indicators for Evidence-based Spatial Planning. Glasgow, October 2013.

Teaching 2013/14

GIS for GeoScientist – Dublin Institute of Applied Studies (DIAS) through the Dept. of Geography. Maynooth University.