Please read and complete ALL sections of this application form.

Important information
Scholarships are open to:
(1) international protection applicants; and
(2) refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, and those with leave to remain,
who do not have access to state support for their studies (meaning ‘free fees’, the state pilot support scheme, SUSI grant, social welfare payments).

You need to follow these steps to apply for a Sanctuary Scholarship:

(1) If you are applying for an undergraduate course, you must apply to the (Central Applications Office (CAO). for a Maynooth University undergraduate course via either the Leaving Certificate Route (CAO deadline 1st May 2020), FETAC route (CAO deadline 1st May 2020) or the Mature Student Route (CAO deadline 1st May 2020).


If you are applying for a postgraduate course, you must apply through the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC). Please check the Maynooth University course finder for closing date information for your chosen courses.

(2) You must complete this online Sanctuary Scholarship Application Form 2020 by 5pm, June 15th 2020. The online form will close after this time and late applications will not be accepted.
You are encouraged to ask one referee to write a reference to accompany your application. Referees can be a teacher, a community leader or other person who can confirm your past and present commitment to education, and/or how well suited you are to your chosen course. We understand that it might not be possible to find a referee and a reference is not essential to make an application. The reference should be emailed by your referee to before 5pm, June 15th 2020.

Closing date for completion of your scholarship application is 5pm, June 15th, 2020. **No applications will be accepted after this time***

Terms and Conditions
(1) To be offered a sanctuary scholarship, there are three pre-conditions:
a. You must be offered a Maynooth University undergraduate course via the CAO application process (typically by mid to late August 2020 – see the CAO website for more details).
You must be offered a Maynooth University postgraduate course via the PAC application process.
b. You must be eligible for the scholarship.
c. You must be ranked amongst the top scholarship application candidates by the Maynooth University Sanctuary Scholarship Committee.

(2) Any successful applicant must be able to demonstrate that they will live within reasonable commuting distance to Maynooth University to take up the scholarship.
(3) The information supplied in this application must be accurate and complete.
(4) Official, written evidence of legal status will be needed to be eligible for a Sanctuary Scholarship.
(5) The application may be reviewed by independent advisors and they will be treated confidentially.
(6) The scholarship application will be graded according to 3 areas: educational achievement and background, reasons for choosing the course and future plans, and the reference supplied by the referee.
(7) Maynooth University reserves the right to review any aspect of the scholarship criteria.

Data Protection
Personal data that you submit via this application form to the International Office and the Sanctuary Committee (the Data Controllers) in connection with the Sanctuary Scholarships will be used to process your application for the scholarship, and to support your application. This data will be treated in accordance with the Maynooth University Data Protection Policy which can be accessed at the link below: Data Protection The International Office can be contacted at here. Maynooth University will only process such data for the purpose for which you provide it and to the extent necessary to process your application in line with the regulations attached to this Scholarship. You have the right to withdraw your consent to processing and you also have the right to access any data you submit on request. The data you submit will be held securely for a period of 5 years by the Sanctuary Committee and the International Office, so that we can support students throughout their study at MU and map our students' outcomes. The personal data will only be disclosed to staff and agents of MU in order assess this application and to deliver support services to you.
Personal Details
Please include the course code, eg MH101 Bachelor of Arts
Select all that apply
The HEAR Scheme is not relevant to Mature Student Entry or to postgraduate applications. More information is available here
The DARE Scheme is not relevant to Mature Student Entry or to postgraduate applications More information is available here
What secondary school(s)/further education college/university in Ireland did you attend, if any? Please list all or state ‘none’ if you did not attend school/college in Ireland
What year(s) did you attend this secondary school/Further Education College/university in Ireland?
Full address of school(s)/college(s)/university attended in Ireland
e.g. completing/completed school leaving certificate/completed FETAC Level 5 course
Current Status
If the options available do not match your current situation please contact us here.
If applicable
State support’ means any of the following: (1) free fees, (2) the state Pilot Support Scheme for students who are in the Protection System or at the Leave To Remain stage, (3) a SUSI grant, (4) any Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection payment other than a direct provision payment.
Personal Statements
500 words max. For example, awards for good grades, contributions to your school or to your community, jobs which you have held. Explain why you think they are relevant to your application and to your chosen course at Maynooth.
500 words max. Explain why this course is of interest to you and how it matches with your future plans.