Welcome to all students from the Counselling Service...

As we commence the new academic year the Counselling Service would like to extend a very warm welcome to all Students of the University. As First Years you are especially welcome and we trust that your time here in Maynooth will be an exciting, productive and memorable experience.

Whether you are continuing studies directly after second level or as a mature student returning after an absence of some years, or coming to join Maynooth as an international student, it is important to remember that there will be a transition period or ‘settling in time’ while adjusting to a new college environment.  Some of you will be feeling ready and able to take it all on board while others may feel somewhat apprehensive and anxious. Such feelings are normal. How we adapt to change is personal and unique to each one of us. 

The following tips may help you settle in over the first couple of weeks:

  • Call family and friends and let them know how you are getting on;
  • Have extra credit on your phone – so you can keep in touch;
  • When possible go home for a weekend;
  • Get involved.  Join clubs and attend social activities organised for Freshers;
  • Endeavour to make new friends. Introduce yourself to new people. Talk to the person next to you at lectures, tutorials and labs, in the canteen and particularly at social gatherings;
  • Find a good balance between academic work and social life. Develop a weekly schedule to keep on track;
  • Over the next few weeks keep things in perspective. Set clear, achievable goals and targets for yourself. Evaluate your expectations;
  • Use a daily plan to help organise your day and set reminders of where to go;
  • Eat well, maintain a good diet, use alcohol sensibly and get plenty of rest;
  • Seek support …socially and professionally;
  • Give yourself time to settle in….   Remember it is ok to ask for help.

If you have any concerns about how you are settling in please feel free to come and chat with one of the Counsellors.

Deciding to speak with a Counsellor can be a positive step towards making life better for you. 

Click here to download our PDF  Counselling Service Leaflet

You can call us Monday to Friday 9am-1pm / 2pm-5pm on  01 708 3554.  Or use our 'Drop-In' service (no appointment necessary) from 2pm-3pm Monday to Friday.