Permissible Use of Dictionaries 
All examination halls have been equipped with English dictionaries to assist students who query the meaning of a word on an examination paper. For certain language examinations, departments may wish to allow all students make use of a translation dictionary. The rubric on the examination paper should indicate this clearly and, if appropriate, state the specific edition/version of dictionary permissible. Electronic Dictionaries are not permitted.

Erasmus and Visiting International Students 
Use of own language-English/English-own language dictionaries may be permitted for Erasmus students who are attending Maynooth University as part of their studies in their home university (normally semester 1). Departments may wish to revoke this ruling for certain, specified modules (e.g. language or translation type examinations).

International Students
International students pursuing full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degrees are expected to have a competent standard of English prior to admission. These students are not permitted to use dictionaries or other aids to complete examinations. Extra time will not be granted to such students unless merited on other, documented circumstances.

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