Student Central is an academic support programme for students at Maynooth University with additional learning needs.

Student Central Masterclasses:

Student Central supports Masterclasses for semester 2 2021

Student Central Masterclasses will run every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm on Microsoft Teams.

These sessions will help you get prepared for the final weeks of Semester 2.

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Student Central Webinar Series:

Student Central Webinar Series Semester 2
  Transitioning to College  Recording
(31 mins)
   Time Management  Recording
(28 mins)
  Study Skills  Recording
(43 mins)
  Academic Writing  Recording
(25 mins)
  Maintaining Motivation  Recording
 (29 mins)
  Presentation Skills  Recording
(25 mins)
  Stress Management  Recording
(33 mins)
  Exam Preparation  Recording
(40 mins)



The Student Central team of Assistant Psychologists from the National Learning Network have created this video collection of guides and tips to help you to adjust to learning, especially as more and more learning is taking place remotely and online. See if any of these recommendations could work for you by playing the videos and taking a few notes. Then give the strategies a try!
Study and Exam Supports

Wellbeing Supports

Organisation and Time Management Supports

Social Skills