Research at Maynooth

Since the 18th century, researchers and scholars at Maynooth have fostered a spirit of inquiry and scholarship rooted in the classical European tradition. That tradition of intellectual freedom informs the principles and values that make Maynooth University a uniquely scholarly and research intense institution. To this day, scholarly rigour, academic freedom, and collegial collaboration remain the hallmarks of the “Maynooth Researcher”

As a scholarly community in the 21st century, we now work in diverse ways to inquire and discover, to create, conserve, disseminate and apply knowledge, to prepare the researchers of tomorrow and to engage with the problems and challenges that face modern society. We bring our scholarly expertise to bear on the key questions for our age, and are rightly proud that our research informs the teaching we provide at all levels.

Our strategic goal is to be recognised by 2017 as playing a leading international role and being the clear national leader in a number of thematic areas of research that address the major societal challenges of the 21st century.

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