MU Traveller Pride Lecture: Travellers in Irish Society, Past and Present

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 15:00 to 16:30
Renehan Hall, South Campus

The Maynooth University Access Programme and the College Connect Project are delighted to welcome Michael and Ellen McDonagh to present an interactive lecture and discussion on Traveller history, culture and identity from past to present. From urbanisation to housing and education, Michael and Ellen look at key events in Irish life from the perspective of Irish Travellers and how those events continue to shape the experiences of the Traveller community today.

Michael McDonagh is a well-regarded expert on Traveller history and culture and has lectured nationally and internationally. One of the first Travellers to attend higher education at Maynooth, he graduated with a degree in Community Development in the early 1980s and also holds diplomas in Mediation and Social & Economic Studies. He sits on national and international committees in relation to Traveller and Roma issues and has been the manager of the Meath Travellers' Workshop for over 20 years.

Ellen McDonagh has a long-standing and distinguished record in community development and activism and is passionate about Traveller heritage and culture. She explores events in Irish life from the perspective of Traveller women and highlights the role of Traveller women in advancing Traveller rights.

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This event is funded by the Department of Justice and Equality as part of the Traveller Pride initiative.