Building City Dashboards

This project tackles three sets of fundamental problems: managing complex data; showing information in a useable way; and analysing or modeling data to support policy.  These are some of the biggest problems in data science today and are areas in which Maynooth University researchers are global leaders.

The Building city dashboards (BCD) project seeks to determine how to build more extensive and effective city dashboards.  It aims to develop new tools that extend beyond data visualisation tools to provide robust data analysis and decision support frameworks that can be used by experts and citizens alike. You can view the website here

We have also built a Dublin Dashboard which anyone can access ( This project will allow us to solve tricky and fundamental data questions, but it will influence dashboard development globally.  Cork will be the first city to see the benefit of this new work.

City dashboards are also important because they enable start up and small companies to create new innovative products.  Our research will support the creation of an open data economy in Ireland by opening up of real-time and public administration data, along with open source code and analytics necessary for Ireland's economic development.

The project brings together expertise from computer science, spatial statistics, geocomputation and multimedia with local authorities and other agencies.  Funded by SFI.