‘Psalmus Invitatorius’ presented to Choral Society

Dr Martin O'Leary's ‘Psalmus Invitatorius’ is presented to Choral Society (photo by Geke Remerie)
Monday, December 3, 2018 - 12:30

 Dr Martin O’Leary, composer and lecturer in the Music Department is seen with Dr John O’Keefe, Director of Choral Groups in Maynooth University  holding a copy of the vocal score of ‘Psalmus Invitatorius’ (Invitational Psalm), which was commissioned to mark the 50thyear of the Maynooth University Choral Society, at rehearsal last Monday evening in Callan Hall.  Dr O’Leary also spoke about the ideas behind the piece to the members of the Choral Society. The work, which is around 30 minutes in duration, is written specifically with the choral resources of the Music Department in mind. For the first performance, on Sunday March 10th2019 at 4pm, the Choral Society will join forces with the Chamber Choir, the Schola Gregoriana, solo soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass, as well as organ and orchestra, to bring this large scale new work to life. The text comprises a setting of Psalm 94, as well as an inscription on the floor of the Chapel, in English and Latin. The work is intended as an invitation to share in the gift of music, and the music making at Maynooth University in particular.