Placing music and musicians within their social, cultural, political and historical contexts is central to musicological research undertaken in the Department. We particularly focus on European Music, Culture and Society and on Analysis and Performance from the sixteenth century to the present day.  Our specialist interests include song studies, gender studies, opera, film music, pan-European piano music, historiography, institutional histories, interdisciplinary studies, and multifaceted approaches to analysis.
If you are interested in pursuing MA, MLitt, PhD or postdoctoral research in musicology you will find yourself challenged and supported. We are happy to provide supervision in topics related to the rich possibilities within European Music, Culture and Society and Analysis and Performance.  You can find out more about our work and interests through the personal pages and research area links below.
Academics involved in this area include:
Dr Lorraine Byrne Bodley
Dr Antonio Cascelli
Dr Alison Hood
Professor Christopher Morris
Dr John O’Keeffe
Dr Estelle Murphy
Professor Fiona M. Palmer
Dr Adrian Scahill
Dr Laura Watson