The Maynooth University Student Emergency Fund serves as a lifeline for students facing extraordinary financial challenges. The fund assists students who are experiencing unforeseen and immediate financial difficulties to avoid homelessness, hunger and other hardship so they continue and complete their studies.

Covid-19 has hit students particularly hard. Students and their families are coping with unemployment, unpaid sick leave and financial uncertainty, meaning less money for food, rent and transportation. The forced shift to a largely online learning experience has meant unforeseen technical costs for equipment and wi-fi, difficulty finding quiet study spaces, and loss of family income.

These inspiring students are making extraordinary efforts to make it through their studies this year. If you are in a position to help one of them, we’d be truly grateful—and we know they will be too.

MU’s Student Emergency Fund will directly help students whose needs have been exacerbated by Covid-19.  

  • A gift of €25 will help fund a student’s food for a week.
  • A gift of €50 will help fund a student’s utilities for a month.   
  • A gift of €100 will help fund a student’s textbooks and learning materials. 
  • A gift of €250 will help fund wi-fi connectivity for one year. 
  • A gift of €500 will help fund a student's accommodation for one month.
  • A gift of €1,000 will help fund a student’s work placement costs for a year.  
  • A gift of €2,500 will help fund a student’s accommodation for full semester. 

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Any excess funds raised for Covid-related needs will support the general MU Student Emergency Fund.