Media Studies engages with modes and technologies of communication, expression, social interaction and performance. Media texts, practices and institutions work through language, sound and images, and our experiences of them take place within specific cultural contexts. 

Media Studies as a discipline comprises theories and methods for examining and creating media texts and for analysing institutions, audiences and technologies. The theory and practical training provided by a degree in media is increasingly essential not only for work in creative and cultural industries, but also for the entire spectrum of industry and public sector institutions.

Our programme is unique in Ireland. It combines the benefits of an Arts degree at a university that is globally recognised for its strengths in the humanities with hands-on instruction in both digital and audiovisual creative media practice, taught by academics and industry professionals. We work in conjunction with an industry partner to offer practical modules with experienced professionals.

We believe, and our graduates agree,  that students who gain experience in theory and media practice emerge as creative and informed graduates, who are prepared for success in their chosen careers and are invested in lifelong learning. In our media-driven age, our graduates occupy the leading edge of social change, rather than merely responding to the profound effects of technological advances. We provide students with not just the know-how, but also and the know-why.