Digital Critical Skills

The digital transformation has fundamentally re-shaped our lives. Through hands-on, practical classes, Digital Critical Skills develops what you need to be a good communicator in contemporary online media. Learn how to make your own web site, podcast, and professionally optimize your Instagram images. Equip yourself to achieve in your degree, to navigate a digitally mediated world, and for success in your chosen career.

The digital critical skills stream aims to train students in basic practical digital literacy skills such as coding, image, and audio editing as well as providing them with an introduction to core web tools and techniques as well as the ethics of technology.

Semester 1
Module Code: MD190
Digital Creation Skills: Coding, Editing, & Optimising is the first module in this stream and will focus on core basic digital production techniques and understandings.

Semester 2
Module Code: MD191
Digital Literacy: Understanding Technology & Digital Rights is the second module in this stream and will focus on core basic web technologies skills and digital rights knowledge.