Higher Diploma in Data Analytics  (1 year full-time) 2018


Eligible for free fees under the Springboard funding initiative

This course is a one-year programme for graduates who already have a level 8 degree qualification in any subject with some mathematical content. 

The Higher Diploma in Data Analytics is a new, purpose-designed course which has been carefully designed to address industry needs. Students will gain skills in programming, statistics and databases, learning how to  deal with the increasing quantities of data available in today’s world. Practical modules cover case studies, project work and workplace preparation.
Career options for graduates are varied, ranging from IT, to Healthcare, Finance, Food science and Travel.

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The course is a collaboration between Departments of Mathematics & Statistics, Computer Science and the National Centre for Geocomputation.

Further details and application are available via the Springboard websiteRegister now to apply for the course. 

Higher Diploma in Data Analytics modules include:

Code Name Semester Credits Comp/Opt
ST661 R for data analyics 1 5 C
ST663 Statistical methods for data science 1 10 C
ST662 Topics in data analytics 2 5 C
ST674=ST464 Statistical machine learning 2 5 C
CS632 Structured programming for data analytics 1 7.5 C
CS621C Spatial Databases 1 10 C
CS633 Work Placement preparation 2 2.5 C
NCG612 Case studies in data science & analytics 2 5 C
NCG613 Data Analytics Project 2 5 C
NIR605 Critical Data Studies 2 5 C
NCG608 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems 1 10 O
ST673=ST463 Linear Models 1 1 5 O
ST675=ST465 Linear Models 2 1 5 O
ST676=ST466 Advanced Statistical Modeling 2 5 O
CS615C Internet Solutions Engineering 2 10 O
CST620C Structured Programming 1 10 O

Optional modules are with the permission of the Course Director.
  Module Descriptors - Data Science & Analytics