Prof. Stephen Buckley
Dr. Detta Dickinson
Dr. Ciaran Mac an Bhaird    
Dr. Oliver Mason
Dr. Pat McCarthy
Dr. John Murray
Dr. David Redmond
Ms. Aisling McGlinchey

Research Topics
Research topics of interest to this group include: Character theory of finite groups, Combinatorics and Number theory, Diophantine approximation and Measure theory, Ring theory, Universal algebra.

Postgraduate Researchers

Researcher Supervisor(s) Research Topic
Ms. Aisling McGlinchey Dr. Oliver Mason (PhD)


Researcher Supervisor(s) Research Topic
Dr. Stephen McGuire Dr. Detta Dickinson (PhD) 2019
Dr. Hugh O'Donnell Dr. Detta Dickinson Diophantine approximation on Manifolds. (PhD) 2013
Mr. Ciarán O'Rourke Dr. Dickinson, Dr. Mac an Bhaird & Dr. McCarthy The prime number theorem: Analytic and elementary proofs (MSc) 2013
Dr. Faustin Adiceam Dr. Detta Dickinson A Contribution to Metric Diophantine Approximation: the Lebesgue and Hausdorff Theories (PhD) 2015

Events Organised