Huxley Lecture 2020


Huxley Babylonian Image 3 reduced

Speaker: Professor Mathieu Ossendrijver, Free University of Berlin

Title:  New light on the mathematics of Babylonian astronomy


Babylonian astronomical tablets from the last centuries BCE preserve sophisticated computations of planetary and lunar phenomena. The underlying methods can be traced back to mathematical techniques from the Old Babylonian period (ca. 1800 BCE).

In this lecture I will discuss several examples of arithmetical and geometrical computations that shed new light on the mathematical methods of the Babylonian astronomers. I will also present some administrative documents that inform us about the institutional context in which they developed and practiced  these methods. 

Time & Date:  6pm on Thursday, 26th of March, 2020

Venue: Renehan Hall - see map reference, number 13, South Campus

Parking: If you are traveling by car, please note that parking permits are not required after 5pm, see Traffic Management web page for details.