University life can be hectic, with deadlines, exams, and endless commitments competing for our attention. That's where Cubbie comes in. Imagine stepping into a serene environment, complete with gentle lighting, calming sounds, and comfortable seating – a place where you can unwind and relax. Whether you need a moment of tranquillity between classes or a refuge from the pressures of university life, Cubbie is here for you.

Book a 15 minute session on Cubbie here.

Energy Pods

The Library has 3 energy pods. The energy pods are a reclining chair where you can either relax or nap for up to 20 minutes.  A short nap can refresh you and increase alertness and productivity.

  • The control panel is on the inside of the arm of the chair
  • Pull around the privacy visor to block out distractions
  • Plug in headphones to listen to music
  • No booking required, you can use it if it is unoccupied