Prof Michael Doherty co-authors chapter with Dr Valentina Franca

Friday, May 31, 2019 - 10:45

Prof Michael Doherty co-authored a chapter with Dr Valentina Franca (University of Ljubjlana) in a new collection ‘A Critical Review of Social Sciences: Contemporary Issues’. The collection critically investigates the increasing abundance of methods, models, and paradigms varying from society to society, and the issues chronicled in the critique are fragmented into eight segments, viz. business administration, economics, labour economics, social policy and education, health studies, public administration and environment, women studies and legal studies. Prof Doherty’s chapter relates to precarious work. Prof Doherty recently published a piece ‘Trade Unions and the “Gig Economy”’ in Game Changers in Labour Law: Shaping the Future of Work. Maynooth Law Department has a long standing new Erasmus partnership with University of Ljubjlana Law Faculty. Prof Doherty is Head of Maynooth University Department of Law and lectures courses to all first year law students on Introduction to Law, as well as Employment Law to BCL/ LLB students.