Dr Donal Coffey co-edits new book 'The Centenary of the Irish Free State Constitution'

Dr Donal Coffey
Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 11:30

Assistant Professor at the School of Law and Criminology, Dr Donal Coffey and Dr Laura Cahillane (University of Limerick) have co-edited a new book entitled The Centenary of the Irish Free State Constitution, Constituting a Polity?

This book deals with the role, development, and legacy of the first Constitution of independent Ireland within the wider context of the establishment of the State. After decades of relative neglect, the 1920s have been receiving increased attention from historians recently thanks to the centenary of the State’s foundation. This book continues this trend of re-examination of this period and looks at key themes, such as the establishment of institutions under the Irish Free State Constitution and the focus on the ideals of popular sovereignty and democracy. It does so from novel and cross-disciplinary perspectives, and it also looks at areas which have received little to no previous attention; from individual aspects like property rights, the Irish language and environmental rights to aspects such as opposition and partition.