David Mangan updates the International Association of Labour Law Journals

Institute for Labour Law at KU Leuven
Friday, September 11, 2020 - 10:00

Dr. David Mangan spoke on the early lessons drawn from Covid-19’s impact on the workplace. Hosted by the Institute for Labour Law at KU Leuven, the virtual gathering was attended by labour law scholars around the world. Amongst the points made, David contended that there remains a remarkable lack of planning for workplaces beyond minimal steps such as providing hand sanitiser and telling employees to social distance. Further questions include steps to be taken in workplaces when a colleague falls ill to Covid-19. This is a particular problem where employers insist on employees returning to the workplace when teleworking alternatives are viable. David’s presentation drew from his recently published articles in a special edition of the European Labour Law Journal on Covid-19 and work