The following are some suggestions on how you can best manage your Voice Mailbox when off-campus (especially relevant to individuals going on Annual Leave).
1. On Leave, but someone else will monitor your Extension:
When another individual will be temporarily taking over your extension it is imperative that you (where possible) brief this individual prior to your departure. The following information is especially relevant:
1.1 Explaining what other extensions your handset may be monitoring (only relevant for feature handsets)  
1.2 Where the individual is not already familiar with the campus Voicemail System they can obtain further information from this website
1.3 Make sure to inform them of your Voice Mailbox’s Security Code (where relevant)
2. On Leave, and your Extension will remain unmonitored :
Where no one else will be present at your extension it is important that you make some changes to your Voicemail ‘Greeting’ (i.e. the message callers hear when put through to Voicemail). Your ‘Greeting’ will probably need to inform callers of the following:
2.1 That you are currently on leave
2.2 When you will return
2.3 Who/where the caller can contact in your absence should the call be urgent
Example Greeting:
‘Hello this is <Name> of Maynooth University, I am currently on Annual Leave until <Date of Return> if your query is urgent please contact <Name of Individual/Department> on <708/474 xxxx> alternatively please leave a message for my return’
To change the Greeting on your Voice Mailbox:
A. Access your Voice Mailbox in the usual manner
B. Then having gained access, Press ‘3’, followed by ‘1’, followed by ‘3’.
C. Then Press ‘2’ to change your Standard Greeting to something similar to the above.