UNIDEV Open Lecture Series

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 15:00
APT Lecture Hall, River Apartments, Maynooth University
Taking action is an important dimension of development education. But campaigning and
advocacy do not always fit easily within a development education framework. Through an
examination of a number of case studies – the World’s Best News and the Climate Movement –
we will explore the linkages between campaigning/advocacy and development education and
consider the extent to which change has been achieved as a result of the actions.
All welcome !!
Kimmage DSC (co-providers with Maynooth University of the BA in International Development) is one of three European organisations working
together on the "UNIDEV – Bridging the gap between theory and practice" project. This project aims to raise public awareness and
understanding of development issues, poverty and the MDG agenda in order to stimulate debate and action in support of fairer
relations between the Global North and the Global South.
The UNIDEV project is funded by the European Union.