University Tutor (5-month contract) - Mathematics Support Centre

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Mathematics Support Centre (MSC) first opened in October 2007. Since then, it has grown significantly. The main term time service that the MSC provides is a drop-in centre for undergraduate students who need assistance with any aspects of mathematics or mathematics related subjects. The MSC’s services also include on demand workshops, the provision of online supports as well as drop-in for second level students. Its supports are available to all Maynooth University undergraduate students. For further information see:

The Role

The University Tutor plays an important role in the delivery of many of the University’s academic programmes and is appointed for the primary purpose of contributing to teaching within a clear and established teaching programme by providing tuition and/or demonstrations to groups of, usually undergraduate students, in specific aspects of the programme. The University Tutor assists and supports students to further develop their understanding of key course topics and to draw out key learning points from course materials.

Main duties and responsibilities:

The University Tutor will be required to undertake to the satisfaction of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, such duties as may be specified by the University within the number of hours of contracted work. These duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• To conduct small-group support teaching in the MSC;
• To carry out all necessary preparation on topics in order to be able to guide discussion, impart knowledge and answer queries arising from students;
• To supervise, assist and give guidance to students, where required;
• To monitor student progress and provide feedback to students, highlighting to the Course Organiser any concerns about student performance;
• To attend meetings and participate with other staff in the development of alternative teaching and learning strategies, including the design and delivery of modules or designated teaching within the subject area;
• To be responsible for all equipment used and ensure that all health and safety procedures are followed, taking action to maintain a safe environment and raising any concerns with the Head of Department or his/her nominee;
• To handle such administrative tasks as may be assigned by the Head of Department or his/her nominee;
• To maintain his/her area of expertise and exercise a high standard of teaching;
• To ensure appropriate course/programme administration and handling of data is carried out in a timely manner;
• To supervise junior tutors in the MSC under the guidance of the Head of Department or their nominee and contribute to tutor training;
• To promote the MSC both inside and outside the University;
• To contribute to the production of MSC reports and evaluations.

The duties and responsibilities outlined have been listed as general and standard requirements. Additions or amendments may therefore be made to reflect the specific requirements of the MSC.