Post-Doctoral Researcher Level 1 or 2 (24 month contract, Living Labs - Limerick based) - Innovation Value Institute

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The postdoctoral researcher will support the implementation and management, in conjunction with Dell EMC of an urban IT platform with Limerick City & County Council, studying the use and performance of the platform.

Urban platforms offer three benefits:

1. They are a focal point for city authorities to exploit data generated by IT enabled city services in a range of areas including transport, the environment and culture. Often these services are based on the internet-of-things whereby multiple sensors and devices are connected, enabling the collection and exchange of data. Analytics of data generated in such systems leads to efficiencies and improved services
2. They allow service providers co-create with the city, and prototype in a living environment, solutions to city problems.
3. They are a mechanism to provide access to data generated by the city for commercial use (open data)

The researcher will support the implementation by studying and proving guidance on:
• Urban platform functionality
• Urban platforms as an enabler to city service co-creation
• Data governance as it pertains to urban platform operations
• City competencies and structures to manage urban platforms
• Business models from the perspectives of the platform supplier (platform BM), the city and third party users.