Budget Accountant (Permanent) - Finance

Bursar's Office
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Role 

As a member of the Financial planning team the Budget Accountant is responsible for providing objective, timely and accurate financial analysis and management information to support the University in the strategic and tactical decision making process at both a University and department level.  Reporting to the Head of Financial Planning the key outputs of the role will be to:

  • Prepare a consolidated university budget and departmental operating budgets.  This will mean the Budget Accountant must manipulate, collate, interrupt and summarise large volumes of data in a concise way from various enterprise systems. In addition, information will be provided by budget-holders, by the business partners (finance function roles) and by departmental users to help prepare the consolidated university and departmental operational budgets. The comprehensive university and departmental operational budget for Maynooth University are to be uploaded to the Financial System (JDE) by the end of June for the following October to September financial year.  This will include pay and non-pay budgeting for all university departments, ancillary and self-funded activities;
  • Work closely with the Business Partners whose role is to liaise between departments and units on the one hand and finance on the other hand and to determine how well they are adhering to their budgets;
  • Work closely with the financial reporting and financial operations teams on budgeting and re-forecasting income and expenditure such as core grant, special targeted funding, grant-in-lieu of fees, research overheads, amortisation and depreciation. Work with other offices in the university as required by your role including human resources, campus planning and development and campus services
  • Prepare a reforecast of the University and Subsidiary budgets in February each year with commentary on material changes from the original budget. A further reforecast in June each year with commentary on material changes from the first re-forecast is also required;
  •  Assist the Head of Financial Planning to develop and produce University medium term financial plans (rolling five year forecasts) to ensure long-term financial sustainability and support the key strategic direction of the University;
  •  Assist the Head of Financial Planning in preparing and assessing departmental financial plans, new courses proposals, tenders and new sources of income initiatives to determine ‘order of magnitude’ costs and the financial implications of proposed investments. Identify and recommend the need for additional resources both at a strategic and operational level as appropriate;
  • Complete the Full Economic Costing (FEC) model using the sector agreed rules of allocation and adjustment to determine a unit cost for subject groups and research support.  Variations in outputs will or may be required for internal management purposes and these will be planned and discussed with you on a case by case basis;
  • Assist the Head of Financial Planning in the design and implementation of a Resource Allocation Model (RAM);
  • Maintain a budgetary policies and procedures manual and provide an ongoing training programme to all budget owners and administrators;
  • Continually monitor and review budgetary processes and systems in place to identify areas of improvement and participate on all IT implementation projects as appropriate;
  • Carry out any other duties as assigned by the Head of Financial Planning.