Flexible Learning Programme

What is the Flexible Learning Programme?

Each year the University makes funds available to enable members of the  campus services staff to take on learning activities.

If you work in catering, grounds, powerhouse, cleaning, transport, security, machine room or crèche you are entitled to an allowance of €80.

The learning activities you choose do not have to be job related, they can be anything that interests you, for example, driving lessons, Tai Chi, painting, cooking – or paragliding! You might want to do an evening class through a ETB or Adult Education Centre. Or take individual lessons like golf coaching. Or join with another group of learners on something that interest you, such as ballroom dancing. Or start one of our beginners computing classes in the university (free to staff members).

The only conditions are that your learning takes place outside your working hours, and that there is an element of tuition in whatever you do.

Also, that there is an instructor or teacher for your learning activity and the activity takes place outside your normal working hours. The purpose of the programme is to encourage and support those staff who may find it difficult to access learning activities in the mainstream training programme because of their hours or other work commitments.

So what happens if I find a course I want to do?

You can go ahead and enrol on the course, then send/bring the receipt back to the Human Resources Office and we will reimburse you, up to the limit of your learning allowance.

Where can I find evening courses?

For details of local evening course providers you can ask at local adult education and ETB centres or check the local papers. Local ETB centres and other providers have web pages that will help you find details of what is on offer, and we have linked some of those below.

Or you can explore these links to local course providers:

Nightcourses.com - search for evening classes all over Ireland
Kildare & Wicklow Education & Training Board - to see what is on offer in Co Kildare
Kildare.ie - for information and advice in Co Kildare
Kildare.ie - for help with reading, writing, maths
Louth & Meath Education & Training Board - for courses in Meath
City of Dublin Education & Training Board - search for courses in Dublin City
Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board - search for courses in County Dublin

Any further queries?

For further information on the programme, contact Human Resources via email: staffdevelopment@mu.ie or call: 01 708 3866