Was the leaving Cert harder in the old days?

PhD student Hazel Murray holds a higher level Leaving Certificate maths paper from 1965 and Dr David Malone holds a higher algebra paper from 1910 at Maynooth University. Photograph: Alan Betson
Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 11:45

Malone dug out a copy of an old Intermediate Cert (the precursor to the Junior Cert) maths paper from the mid-90s, when his friend sat the exam.

“As it turned out, those topics were not on the exam back then, either,” he says. “ We perhaps have a tendency to look at exam questions now through the prism of all we have learned as adults and think it’s too easy. We forget that it is not reflective of who we were as children.”

Malone joined forces with Hazel Murray, a PhD student he is supervising, to look into old Leaving and Junior/Inter Cert papers, primarily in maths and science.

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