MU Hamilton Institute's COVID-19 grant

Monday, June 22, 2020 - 10:30
A team at the Hamilton Institute have been awarded SFI funding to generate computational tools to help Ireland predict the epidemiological (disease-related) and economic consequences of removing interventions during the path to recovery in the COVID-19 pandemic. The project will focus on putting rigorously-tested computational models for medium term forecasting in place that will enable the state to make evidence-based decisions about the impact of relaxing COVID-19 restrictions. The models developed in this project will forecast the likelihood of spatial spread of the disease as travel routes re-open. It will forecast the impact of testing for the virus at borders and of relaxing interventions of different types at home and abroad. It will also forecast economic recovery by mapping financial indicators from multiple countries. This will support a faster, safer recovery to normality. 
The Hamilton Institute team includes:
- Prof Andrew Parnell
- Prof Ken Duffy
- Prof Subhra Dey
- Prof Damien Woods
- Assoc Prof David Malone
- Assoc Prof Catherine Hurley
- Dr Niamh Cahill
- Dr Rafael De Andrade Moral
The team are actively recruiting members at post-doctoral level to work on the project. Applicants interested in the position should visit the Hamilton Vacancies page -