Hamilton Institute Seminar

Friday, May 5, 2023 - 13:00 to 14:00
Hamilton Institute Seminar room (317), 3rd floor Eolas Building, North Campus

Virtual participation: Zoom details available here

Speaker: Professor Antonella Ferrara, University of Pavia

Title: "Road Traffic Modelling and Control: from Classical to Multi-Scale Approaches"

Abstract: The social and economic impact of an efficient road traffic management is in general very significant, with immediate effects on safety, quality of life, environment, use of energy resources, and transportation costs. Yet, the development of effective and easy to implement algorithms for automatic road traffic control is not straightforward, since a traffic system, by its nature, is a complex dynamical system. In addition, the type of traffic control strategies developed so far, the “classical approaches”, need now to be updated and adapted to consider the fast development in automotive technologies, traffic sensors, data processing, and communication. This seminar will address these aspects, starting from an overview of classical traffic control concepts, revisiting them to include electric mobility, coming to illustrate the emerging research trends in traffic control at different scales: from the microscopic scale of individual connected and autonomous vehicle control, to the macroscopic scale of road traffic control, also discussing how the different scales can efficiently coexist in an advanced road traffic control system.