Shane Creevy

Global Video Editor
Media and publishing
BA English & Philosophy

At media pioneer Storyful, founded by former RTÉ journalist Mark Little in 2010, Shane Creevy is responsible for overseeing the discovery, verification and acquisition of the top video content shared via online channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all around the world.
“We help make news from noise,” Shane said. “When Storyful was set up, social media was exploding with hours of video uploaded every minute. That video, to be useful, needs to be verified, and someone with journalistic sense needs to make sense of it. My job is to discover meaningful, useful content, verify the video and the source, and then acquire the rights to use that content.”
To do this, Shane oversees teams in Dublin, Hong Kong, Sydney and New York. Storyful’s clients include the most influential media outlets around the globe. “The biggest newsrooms in the world rely on us. For them, with Storyful they get another newsroom within their newsroom.”

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