How to apply for access to information under the Freedom of Information Act 2014

If you wish to access information held by the University you should contact the relevant department or office in the first instance and check if the information can be released.

If this is not possible you can make an application under the Freedom of Information Act 2014 for:

  • Access to records (section 11)
  • Access to reasons for decisions which affect you (section 13)
  • An application to have personal information amended (section 9)

As per section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2014, when making an FOI request, you should contact the FOI Office by email or letter:

  1. stating that the request is made under this Act,
  2. containing sufficient particulars in relation to the information concerned to enable the record to be identified by the taking of reasonable steps, and
  3. if the person requires such access to be given in a particular form or manner (being a form or manner referred to in section 17), specifying the form or manner of access.

All applications must be sent to the FOI Office at Maynooth University.
If you require any assistance or have any questions please contact the FOI Office.