MA in Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities aligns traditional Humanities-based research with modern data-intensive computational methodologies to produce exciting new research avenues and questions in traditional fields of expertise. The MA degree is transformative in nature and allows graduates from both Arts and Humanities backgrounds, as well as Computer Science backgrounds, to enhance and complement their existing research skills with modern digital methods vital for the modern cultural heritage and information sectors. Our graduates go on to work in the cultural sectors, library and information sectors, local government and civil service and the private sector. They graduate with skills in digital scholarly editing, 2D and 3D computational imaging, and 3D modelling of virtual worlds that are essential for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage in the 21st century. Further skills developed throughout the degree give students opportunities to move into private sector industries such as game, app and web development where 2D and 3D data modeling, and data analysis are key requirements.

Is this the right degree for you? Have a look at our degree structure and find out. If you are a history graduate, a fine arts graduate, or a computer science graduate, our degree programme is tailored to develop your skill set in complementary ways to your existing expertise. For example our pre-term three week intensive Structured Programming module, provided by the Computer Science department, will teach Java programming from first principles to non-Computer Science students. Further modules on the programme will introduce students to the theoretical and practical considerations of modeling humanities data and getting to grips with exciting new methods and challenges in digital heritage.

All of our students get the chance to implement their newly acquired skills and understanding in real-world practical environments when they take their internship in the second semester. Check out our partner page to see some of the cultural institutions, SMEs and university projects where our  students have carried out their internships and start thinking now about where you might like to intern for your own!

For further information on the programme, check out our module descriptors below or get in touch with us at We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Students complete 90 ECTS for the MA in Digital Humanities or 60 ECTS for the Diploma in Digital Humanities - see the modules available below.

Apply today - Application Deadline 31st July 2017