Science Day in An Foras Feasa: Digital Treasure Hunt

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 10:00
An Foras Feasa, Iontas Building, North Campus

As a part of the Science Foundation of Ireland: Science Week 2015, we organised The Digital Treasure Hunt 2015 at An Foras Feasa, Maynooth University for secondary school students. The event engaged students in activities using digital technologies in order to discover more about life in Ireland 2000 years ago, and particularly about the mysterious Iron Age bog bodies. It consisted of various interactive group activities that introduced students to a wide range of technologies used in cultural heritage research and practice, including digital photography, hyperspectral imaging, virtual and augmented reality, photogrammetry etc. After the successful completion of each task, each group collected a clue about the life and death of bog people. At the end of the activity the different groups had to combine the collected evidence to make the complete story about the mysterious bog bodies.

We would like to thank Nuala Travers and Peter Keane for their help in organising the event and the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology for providing the material about the Bog Bodies in Ireland. The event was organised in collaboration with the Science Foundation Ireland.


Dr Konstantinos Papadopoulos

Karolina Badzmierowska


Digital Arts & Humanities