Dr Hadush Meresa

Geography, ICARUS

Post Doctoral Researcher


Hadush is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Geography, ICARUS at Maynooth University. He is currently working on the project HydroPredict - Ensemble River flow Scenarios for Climate Change Adaptation.  
Hadush’s research interests focus on: Climate change impact, hydrological cycle process and its feedback: forward and backward processes, hydrological modelling: extremes (flood and drought), hydrodynamic modelling: flood risk management, water resource planning, modelling and management for practical exercise, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis in hydrodynamic and hydrological models, uncertainty propagation in flood risk management and integrated water resource and extreme management. 
Objectives and targets of research: 

  • Develop ensembles of hydrological simulations for Irish catchments for use in the water sector for climate change adaptation planning  
  • Incorporate key uncertainties including: global climate models, natural climate variability, downscaling, and hydrological model uncertainties.  
  • Provide guidance on ranges of change likely for key hydrological indicators from across the full flow regime that are of use to water managers.  
  • Assess the impact of climate change on meteorological and hydrological drought for the island of Ireland and to identify drought hotspots.  
  • Develop an easy to use on-line data dashboard for data visualization and download to ensure scientific insights are linked to effective decision making for adaptation.  
  • Integrate existing research (e.g. Irish Hydrometric Reference Network and historical drought series) through the online dashboard.