Prof Ray O'Neill

Experimental Physics, Hamilton Institute

John Hume Building
(01) 708 6682


Prof. Ray O’Neill is Vice President for Research and Innovation at Maynooth University with a remit to promote research and new initiatives across the University. A native of Belfast, he completed a BSc in Physics and a PhD in atomic and molecular physics at Queen’s University, Belfast, before joining the Department of Experimental Physics at Maynooth as a lecturer and researcher in 1993. Since 2004 he has held various positions at Maynooth including Dean of the Faculty of Science, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies and, most recently, Vice President for Innovation from 2013-16. From 2011-13 he chaired a multi-institutional and agency working group which developed the first national policy on ensuring integrity in research in Ireland, and over the same period was from 2011-13 he was a member of the European Universities Association Research Policy Group. From 2014-16 he was chair of the Maynooth University Curriculum Commission, which reviewed and made recommendations for the future of the undergraduate curriculum across the University.

Research Interests

I have made contributions to understanding of electron impact excitation phenomena in atoms and positive ions, and have published results in leading international journals including the Physical Review, Journal of Physics B, and Physical Review A. I have also published experimental investigations in quantum entanglement and informatics, and in applications of near infra-red light scattering for biomedical imaging and diagnostics. I am not currently active in scientific research.