Dr Dapeng Dong

Computer Science, Maynooth International Engineering College

Assistant Professor

Eolas Building
1st Floor


Dapeng Dong is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Maynooth University. He holds a PhD degree in Computer Science, a MSc degree in Software and Systems for Mobile Networks, a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at University College Cork and a BSc degree in Computer Service Management as well as a number of professional industry certifications. Prior to his current position, he joined the SFI CONNECT Centre in Ireland as a senior postdoctoral researcher; Boole Centre for Research in Informatics in Ireland as a work-package leader of a EU Horizon 2020 project, leading the project implementation team and co-designing next-generation cloud architectures. Subsequently, he joined the State Street Advanced Technology Centre as a senior postdoctoral researcher working on integration of cloud computing, big data analytics systems and FinTech technologies.  

Dapeng’s current research interests are in efficient big data analysis through direct processing of data represented in algorithmic-effective encoding schemes; and resource optimization and management in hyper-scale clouds consisting of heterogeneous resources, based on the statistical resource-usage modeling and the principle of self-organization and self-management. He is also interested in investigating how this combination can accelerate applications in emerging domains, such as cloud-accelerated artificial intelligence, Internet-of-things, and smart cites. 

Dapeng has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate courses on a wide range of topics such as Software and Model-based Engineering, IT Virtualisation, Computer Programming, Cloud Services & Platforms or Information Security.