New publication

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 - 20:00

A new article, "Quark-gluon vertex from Nf=2 lattice QCD", by Dr Jon-Ivar Skullerud and collaborators at the University of Adelaide, Australia, University of Jena, Germany, and University of Coimbra, Portugal, has been published in Physical Review D.  The article reports a first-principles calculation of the fundamental, strong interaction between quarks and gluons and is the first such calculation to include the full dynamics of the quarks.  The article is available at

The abstract of the paper reads
We study the quark-gluon vertex in the limit of vanishing gluon momentum using lattice QCD with 2 flavors of O(a) improved Wilson fermions, for several lattice spacings and quark masses. We find that all three form factors in this kinematics have a significant infrared strength, and that both the leading form factor λ1, multiplying the tree-level vertex structure, and the scalar, chiral symmetry breaking form factor λ3 are significantly enhanced in the infrared compared to the quenched (Nf=0) case. These enhancements are orders of magnitude larger than predicted by one-loop perturbation theory. We find only a weak dependence on the lattice spacing and quark mass.