Lisa Winter

German Studies, School of Modern Languages


Arts Building
(01) 708 3809


Lisa Winter is the current Austrian Lecturer at the Department of German. She studied Communication Science, English and History at the University of Vienna and Middlesex University.

Sarikakis, K., Koukou, A. & Winter, L. (2018). “Banal” Europeanized National Public Spheres? Framing the Eurozone Crisis in the European Elite Press. International Journal of Communication, 12, 3454–3472.
Winter, L., Korbiel, I., Koukou, A., & Sarikakis, K. (2018). Solidarity rebooted: Trust and the rise of civil society in times of crisis. Journal of Greek Media & Culture, 4(1), 73-90.
Sarikakis, K., & Winter, L. (2017). Social media users' legal consciousness about privacy. Social Media + Society, 3(1), 1-14.
Sarikakis, K., & Winter, L. (2015). Negativer Journalismus ist mehr als "Bad News": Die Berichterstattung der Eurokrise in der deutschsprachigen Presse. In Deutscher Fachjournalisten-Verband (Ed.), Positiver Journalismus (pp. 141-172). Konstanz: UVK.