Dr Elzbieta Drazkiewicz-Grodzicka


Ph.D.             Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge,  2012        

I am specialising in organisational and political anthropology. My research concerns development, globalization and bureaucracy, and my regional focus is on Poland and South Sudan. I obtained my PhD from the University of Cambridge, where I studied Poland’s emergence as a donor in Africa. In my post-doctoral project I studied development cooperation between the Second and Third Worlds ​at the time of the Cold War. 
At present I am working on a project concerned with intersection of science and conspiracy theories. I am also interested in the studies of 'no-future' economies.
I am passionate about research and also enjoy practical challenges. In the course of my career I have worked with the UNDP, several Polish development NGOs, the Solidarity Fund, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and its Department of Development Cooperation.