Dr Sinead Barton


Education: Sinéad Barton has cultivated her entire academic career at Maynooth University, from her undergraduate degree to becoming a lecturer. After completing a BE Hons in Electronic Engineering in 2013, she continued as a PhD student within the Department of Electronic Engineering, specialising in software optimisation protocols for Raman spectrometers. During her PhD she obtained a number certificates including certificates for teaching and learning, commercialisation and innovation, as well as being actively involved in teaching for the undergraduate curriculum. Sinéad successfully completed her PhD interview in 2018 and remained in Maynooth as a postdoctoral researcher in the CONNECT research group and lecturer until she was appointed to her current position with the MIEC in 2020. 
Research: Sinéad’s current research interests are deep learning for denoising of Raman spectra. Effective denoising in conjunction with her PhD focus of software optimisation, allows for faster acquisition of spectral data while maintaining high signal-to-noise ratios. Based on her industrial collaboration projects within the CONNECT research group during her post-doc, she has also developed a keen interest in big data analytics for the characterisation of network performance and continues to collaborate with CONNECT group on similar projects.
Teaching: During her PhD, Sinéad was awarded Certificate in Teaching and Learning from Maynooth’s Centre for Teaching and Learning and has been actively involved in the teaching and evaluation of a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules since 2014. This work included project supervision at both undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as lecturing a number of compressed modules in Changzhou University. She has also lectured the Maynooth University & Texas Tech Engineering Summer School, which was shortlisted for a National Education Award in 2020.