Pretengineering - How a summer spent surfing led to a PhD

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 12:00 to 12:45

Pretengineering.  How a summer spent surfing led to a PhD

Join two young researchers from  The Centre for Ocean Energy Research at Department of Electronic Engineering  on 9th November at 12pm here on MSTeams link  giving short talks on how a love for maths and science brought them to a career in engineering and research and how they have applied their studies to wave energy.
Two short presentations and time at the end for questions.

Gaston Vergara Hermosilla 
"Controlling waves for surfing, charging my laptop and generally being cool?!?"


Marco Rosati   
How his studies have taken him from above the clouds to below the waves.


Students join us and play our online game
Are you savvy enough to maximise energy from a wave energy device?  Attendees can try their hand at "latching control" 

We looking forward to meeting you during SCIENCE WEEK 2021