Engineering for Life in Engineer's Week

Engineering for Life From the Cradle to the Grave
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 11:15 to 12:15
Renehan Hall, South Campus, Maynooth University

The Department of Electronic Engineering at Maynooth University is delighted to host STEPS/INTEL Engineer's Week 2019 Science show for secondary school students.
Engineers Ireland STEPS Programme is a non-profit outreach programme that promotes interest and awareness in engineering as a future career to school students through a portfolio of projects.

How can engineering let us see inside ourselves, make our lives safer, and push the boundaries of science? This exciting presentation, with lots of demonstrations and audience interaction, reveals how engineering improves our quality of life from before we’re born! Watch a live ultrasound scan, discover how engineers can 3D print a new hip joint, and even how we can preserve our bodies after death!

Working Scientifically
Understand that scientific methods and theories develop as earlier explanations are modified to take account of new evidence and ideas, together with the importance of publishing results and peer review
Evaluate risks
Ask questions and develop a line of enquiry based on observations of the real world, alongside prior knowledge and experience
Make predictions using scientific knowledge and understanding
Suitable for Secondary school students (13-16Yrs)
FREE to attend / Book@ Eventbrite.  
Engineers Week is proudly supported by SFI and industry leaders ESB, TII, Intel and Arup